Multi-vehicle Accident Leads to Hospitalization of One on Highway 50 and 5...

Multi-vehicle Accident Leads to Hospitalization of One on Highway 50 and 5 Freeway in Sacramento

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One Hospitalized at Highway 50 and 5 Freeway from Multi-vehicle Accident in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA (August 7, 2018) – A person was hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon in an multi-vehicle accident. The accident happened on Highway 50 near 5 Freeway in Sacramento.

Sources said that an ambulance arrived at the site of the accident to assist parties involved in this avoidable accident. A blue Sedan and a Toyota Corolla, were listed as being involved in the accident. The incident is said to have occurred around 2:44 p.m.. The parties involved have not yet been named.

We are still looking into this accident, and will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

“Police will gather evidence and conduct interviews with the drivers and witnesses to determine liability,” California attorneys advised. “Any injured party involved in an accident will have a bodily injury claim against the negligent individuals who caused the accident.”

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